How To Maintain Latino Style Hair

Most Latino chicas may not have the time to go for fancy blow out, but you can always keep the pelo (hair) under control. The curling wand serves the urgent purpose to take care of the hair.


If You Have Long Loose Curls:

spiral curls

In case you have long loose curls, the 1 ¼ “barrel will help you create an effortless relaxed look. Smooth and glossy hairdo is obtained due to the ceramic surface of the wand.


The Spiral Curls:

Source: Pinterest

The spiral wand creates spiral curls on the magnificent black Latino hair. The pearls create a space that allows the curl to rest in the groove as you hold it hence less tangles.


Summer Time Sweaty Hair:

Summer comes with hot and sweaty hair and no ones like hairs falling on their neck in this simmering and bolstering heat. The excuriating heart can be too much but you can cool it off with a stylish up do.


The Slicked French Twist:

Source: Pinterest

Slicked French twist is a chic hairstyle for the Latin hair.


How French Twist Is Created:

It’s created using pomade to slick back the hair.  First you create a deep part then twist and fold the hair around itself.


Second Style For Latino Señoras:

The second style for Latino Señoras is the sectioned natural hair. This creates both a sleek and tousled. Create Odette Annabel’s look by pulling sections of hair out of the middle to create a poof and more texture. The Latino hair cannot go wrong with a scarf accessory.


The 80’s retro look On Latino Hair:

The 80’s retro look can still look great on the Latino hair. The Selena Gomez braided schrunchie style has never been so fierce and total chic than before. Wearing a braided bun on the Latino hair creates a young and lively look.


Celebrities Who Styled Latino Bun:

Source: Pinterest

Celeb, Victoria Justice does ‘justice’ to the braided bun by creating more volumes with curls at the crown. Play around with this style by creating a ballerina bun. To crown it all braid a section of the hair and wrap it around the bun. Lastly secure it with pins. And there you have the perfect Latino bun!


Jennifer Lopez high pony & Eva Mendes Curls:

Source: Pinterest

Jennifer Lopez high pony works wonders on the casual look.  The sleek, easier and voluptuous pony is the way to go!  With a little effort you can create a casual but glam fishtail look. Braid your hair at the side of your head and let some curls dangle off your face. This Eva Mendes look works any time on your head.

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How To Maintain Latino Style Hair

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