How to Get Not-So False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are easily one of the most popular beauty products. Their only flaw is, well, they’re fake, and they generally look it too. While fake lashes certainly give you a nice look, they can sometimes be obvious too. However, like most problems, this one has a solution too. So, here’s how to make your fake eyelashes look much more real.

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  • Choose lashes that have an invisible band.


False lashes with a clear base are ideal, because they don’t have a strip indicating that they’re fake. If clear bases aren’t on hand, or your preference for that matter, then consider using thin-stripped dark bases at least. False lashes with thick, dark strips are painfully obvious.


  • Wear single or trio lashes.


Strip lashes are particularly tedious to apply, and should be avoided. They are also easily tangled, as are single lashes, and can be quite troublesome overall. So, we’re left with trio lashes – which are both easy to apply and pave the way for a more natural look. As trio lashes can be applied more particularly than strip lashes, it’s convenient to place them meticulously to make them blend better with your real lashes.


  • Use Dark Glue, instead of Clear Glue. 


While this may seem counter-productive, it isn’t – and there’s a reason behind this. While clear glue implies that it’s invisible, in reality it isn’t – if the glue doesn’t dry properly, it leaves a greyish tinge.  If Dark Glue doesn’t dry properly, the colour will blend with your lashes concealing it. Regardless of which glue you use though, make sure to apply as little as possible. Too much glue will make your false lashes look very, very obvious.


  • Apply False Lashes with your real ones.


Customarily, false lashes are added to the eyelid, and a close look will give you away. Eyelashes don’t come out of your eyelids, they stem from the lash-line. Thus, to make your false lashes fit in well, it’s best to place them along the lash-line and mesh them with your real lashes.


  • Use Mascara to blend real lashes into the false ones.


You may have noticed that false lashes are of a much darker blend than real lashes. This can result in an inconsistent colour blend along your lashes, and can make your false lashes quite evident. To rectify this, apply mascara to your real lashes, to match their colour with that of your false lashes. The substance in mascara also blends your real and false lashes together, creating a more natural look.

Well, there you have it. These simply, easy to do tricks will make your false lashes look far from fake. Be sure to give them a try next time you apply them!

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Here’s The full Video:


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How to Get Not-So False Eyelashes

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