6 ‘Are these for real?’ Beauty Products

Have you seen strange stuff before? You’ve probably seen outfits before that make no sense to you, or food that you’re too weird-out by to eat. Well, to add to your experience, here are some particularly odd products for you to try, and fail, to wrap your head around. Don’t forget to watch the full video after these pictures. You won’t stop laughing! All credits go to youtuber grav3yardgirl.

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  • The Triangular Nose-Pore Blocker


This rubbery…thing, wraps not-so comfortably around your nose. To be frank, it’s quite big – and sticky too. Ideally, the blocker should be applied and kept in place for 90 minutes, after having cooled down in the freezer.

This product tightens around the nose, and its objective is to block out dust and dirt from your pores. After taking it off, lotion and skin products should be applied for the full beauty effect.


  • Toe-Nail Polish Stockings 


Next up is a very strange, and quite simply a lazy product. These skin-coloured tight stockings come equipped with nail-polish designs on the toe nail area. The idea behind the product is this; slip the stockings on and have a beautiful nail polish pattern applied without any effort. For the generic couch potato who wants to look nice with no effort, this may be a product worth considering.


  • The Tongue Turn


For $40, you too can purchase this unique beauty device. The product is made of rubber, equipped with ‘silicon suction cups’, and fits itself around the lips. The turner must then be held firmly back, while the user sticks their tongue out. You then continue to touch each bump with your tongue individually, and then remove it. Apparently, doing this on a daily basis is supposed to make you ageless.


  • Breath Checker 


This is a small, ‘robotic’ rectangular-shaped device, which supposedly scans your breath. To turn it on, the top of the device is pulled upwards. The user must then breathe in to the air vent. Afterwards, your breath is believed to be rated from a scale of 0-5, ranging from good to terrible. While the concept is certainly interesting, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to trust a $40 device to rate your breath accurately.


  • Lung Exerciser


This is perhaps one of the strangest devices to be discussed…the Lung Exerciser is a supposed fitness tool, which increases lung strength and stamina. The device is around a metre long, with something resembling a balloon attached. Breathing into the device causes the balloon to inflate to its full length of a metre. The device, if used 10 times a day, is said to improve your fitness and health overall.


  • Liese Hair Straightening Wipes 


Curly hair and tangles are no longer a problem, or shouldn’t be anyway, thanks to these unique Hair Straightening Wipes. These wipes come nicely packed in a small packet with a flap to open them. To use them, one must take a chunk of their hair and run the wipe along its full length. Ideally, the wipes should straighten your hair out all the way. In reality, you end up with moist hair which is far from straight. The wipes are scented though, so there’s a plus.

So, would you try any of these? Which one is the strangest by your standards? And do you believe any of them work like they’re supposed to? The strangeness of these products has, ironically, made them worthy of spotlight.

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Watch the full video below:

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6 ‘Are these for real?’ Beauty Products

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